local riding club results (novice working hunter)


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2 January 2008
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First time posting in here, but so pleased with our little mare just had to share
first time out this season, and I would have said that this little mare is not a natural jumper but she does try, only started jumping her last year, so late starter at 9yrs old, daughter entered her in the novice 2' class came out with a refusal at the nasty little wall lol. So then took her in the 2'3, clear round and into jump off, well blow me down she went clear again and fastest time, and won the class.
Then decided to take her in 2'6 she had another double clear, but was just out of the placings with a slower time but still over the moon. Onto the novice working hunter pony class, now this little mare has had quite a lot of sucess in her showing classes in the past, but again quite green with her jumping, but again she did a nice round over the plain fences, even though there was a fire breathing dragon under the brush fence which she cleared with 3' to spare lol, came back into the ring to do individual show, stripped off for run up, and then she gave the judge a nice ride, and again to my joy was placed first

So onto the championship with five other finalists from other classes, did there walk trot gallop round the ring, and yet again pulled in and we WON!! by this time my daugther had wished she hadn't put mascara on.
We have had this mare since she was a 2 month old orphan foal,, I paid £150 for her, was my happy hacker until daughter took over the reins, and i can honestly say she has never put a hoof wrong, takes my daughter hunting all day staying up front, and has even been ridden by the Master when his horse lost a shoe, sorry cant post a pic ( on dial up ) but if you intrested in seeing a pic pm me and I will direct you to web site for pics, sorry this has been so long but so proud of both my girls.