London Riding Horse Parade


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10 August 2005
London - Essex side
Normally October, I did this two years ago, had the biggest and the hairiest horses there and we had a great time, though not for people with horses that are not fairly bomb proof or steady types.
12 July 2007
Yikes!! Takes me back a bit....well, more than a bit!! I won the supreme in 1983 on my gorgeous grey New Forest - first native to win I believe - against two Wembley hacks amongst other fab posh horses.

The judge was Sybil Smith who taught the Queen to ride. Anyone remember her?

It was a great day out. I do remember complaints from the police, as the judge asked for a show and the track was quite narrow and lined six deep with spectators. My nimble, experienced Newfie had no problem, but some of the large hunters found it difficult. I wonder if 'elf'n'safety allow that these days?

Its fun because you can ride down Rotten Row. I only live a few yards away and for me, it was a thrill to ride there - my only opportunity.