Looking for a DIY/Part/Grass Livery

12 August 2018
Hi friends! I hope this is the right place to post this, if not I'm so sorry!
Currently I am living in Richmond, Kew and am looking for a livery that charges 150 or lower each month.

My reqirements would be like half an hour away from TW9
If possible also close to public transport.
Can be diy/part or grass as long as its in my budget

I have been recomended a stable in Hounslow but the person sadly couldn't remember the name of the stable nor the number so I couldn't contact them, but if you know of this stable please do tell! I have also been told about Osterly Park which I will be calling, does anyone have the number to them? As I can only find the number for the actual like houses etc.

Thank you, Maya