Looking for the impossible? Sole use yard or field, WA14 area (or WA13, WA15, upper half of WA16)

3 March 2022
Hi everyone! I feel like this is a super long shot, but if you don't ask, you don't get...

We've recently been advised our current livery yard is closing and so a few of us are on the hunt for alternative options. We know most, if not all, of the main/commercial livery yards in the area and for various reasons they are not suitable. Although if you do know of a nice livery yard with no more than 20 stables (30 at an absolute push), with or without services, let me know.

We are looking for either a sole use yard of 4-10 stables (plus c.1 acre/stable) OR just a field of 4-10 acres. We are very happy to do work to somewhere (fencing repairs or installation, building improvements etc. are all well within our capabilities), it doesn't need a menage etc (although obviously we wouldn't turn that down if it was on offer!) It doesn't need to be lush cattle type grazing (and is really probably better if it isn't!) The major plus points would be water already in situ and access to decent-ish hacking. We have a little time to find somewhere else, although not loads.

Horses would be checked at least twice daily, we're definitely not just looking for a field to chuck them in and leave them - all are in some form of work at the moment and we would like to be able to continue this. We are practical, professional people who are experienced horse owners. We are just looking for a bit of stability for our lovely horses after a fairly turbulent few months on our current yard. We can offer a good rental rate.

Some of the problems we've come across so far seems to be that a) such things don't often come up in adverts and b) a lot of the land around us belongs to big estates (as far as we understand)? We do know that land is sometimes rented out, but so far haven't managed to track anyone down to talk to about this (although we are on the case). Like I say, I know we're looking for something that is like gold dust... Buy if anyone can make any suggestions at all, we'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance! :)


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22 January 2009
Is Chelford too far? Saw an ad on Facebook tonight....4 stables and 4 acres. Looks really nice £175 per week. Hope the link works.....