LOVE GAME or BENSON- Do you know EITHER of them?


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1 September 2006
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Does anyone know of a horse registered by KWPN in Holland as LOVEGAME (Sire Triton). Apparently he had a very successful show jumping career but so far can't find out any more than that from KWPN


Do you know or now own a horse previously known as BENSON. ? Is he stabled at your yard? Any information good or bad would be much appreciated.

He is a 15.3 dark bay 'middle weight' cob type gelding with a little feathers and slight curl in mane and tail. Supposed to be 10 years old in 2004 and at that time owned by a Mr Ian Wilson and Mrs Margaret Wilson. Benson was kept at their stables known as Valhalla Stud Farm, Old Mugdock Road, Strathblane, G63 9ET, previously known as Blairhome Farm. This yard was managed by a Derek Murray who is associated with a dealer by the name of Willie Logan of Glasgow.

Benson was shod by Ferries for them between Nov 03 and Feb 04. Vet was Tim Watson who writes in Scottish Farmer.

He may have been seen by John McGrandles, (husband of Wendy McGrandles) who suggested his socially dominant behaviour, with aggression towards some people at another home would have been due to incomplete castration (Rig) and advised a blood test to check (not done)........unlikely to be cause.

Benson is bargy, knocks people over with his shoulder, stamps on them with a foreleg and reverses towards trapped people when cornered in his field. He kicks out repeatedly with both hind legs (double barrelling) and has chased people out of his field. He may have been offererd to the ILPH. The Wilsons claim he was returned to his previous owner whose ID is not known. Any help you could give to help us trace this horse would be much appreciated

Any help would be much appreciated