Lunging advice for my youngster please...


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2 January 2012
I have recently bought a 5 y/o Warmblood X, he is my second horse but the first young horse I have had to bring on.

Although he is young he is quite well schooled; he carries himself well and has a lovely soft mouth. At the moment I am mainly working on his canter, as he has a tendency to strike off on the wrong leg on the left rein the first time he is asked. He is gradually improving in the school and I am asking for left canter when out hacking to strengthen that side.

At the moment I am lunging him once a week, just in a snaffle bridle and side reins. However I want lunging to be constantly beneficial for him so basically I am after any advice that anyone has to offer; particularly in terms of improving his canter work.

Thanks in advance, Tash