Lymphoma in horse, Questions

4 March 2021
Hello everyone, I am new here so please forgive me if this is a faux pas. I'm still processing the shock of this and I cannot find more information out there. My 10 year old girl was diagnosed with lymphoma in her larynx via biopsy. She is a beautiful Irish Draught with so much heart, I know studies on lymphoma in horses have not been genetically linked but I figured I'd ask if anyone knew of it in certain lines? I'm not looking to blame anything, she is just doing well and I'd like to try for an embryo transfer if she tolerates it. She is on steroids and almost completely in remission, it's something the vets have not seen before as well. I absolutely do not want a foal if her line is known for it. Her Mom is still with me, she is well and she has a few bumps due to being grey but in wonderful health.
Also, can anyone give me tips on how to advocate for her? What does this disease progress like without chemo? If it's in a local area will it eventually spread to the lymphatic system as it does in other animals? She was originally diagnosed as bastard strangles for a year before another vet took a closer look, this started with a high fever and a lot of discharge from her guttural pouch and hives. She responded great to antibiotics, but her larynx was inflamed and a little bumpy. She would regress back to putrid runny nose and low fever and respond great to antibiotics, even the hives went away. This has been going on for a year and a half, she is responding to steroids well, but she has been doing much better since we moved her stall in case this was a severe allergic reaction to something environmental. I am just so sad, I want to know if this could be genetic, or a freak thing. I've seen a few articles on 3 Irish and one sport having lymphoma but they are always older 11-12-16-18, and things declined very rapidly. Right now she and I are taking it one day at a time, she is in good spirits and that makes me happy. Sorry for the long post, I'm just shocked - she is such a ball of energy and fire that this is really difficult. Most cases I've read about the lifespan isn't long at all and here she is on a year and a half after a misdiagnosis.
Thanks for any information, I greatly appreciate it.


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2 March 2008
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I had a homebred with lymphoma.
She had a little lump under her eye which didn't go away. After various treatments, it was biopsied and lymphoma diagnosed.
She couldn't have steroids, as she'd had laminitis once a few years before.
When the lump was an irritating size it was removed to make her more comfortable, but it was never going to be a cure.
I checked her lymph nodes daily, and in the space of a couple days the ones in her face and neck went from nothing to huge. She began to have difficulty chewing and swallowing, and that was the point I called it.
She was 23 yrs old, and it was about 10 months after diagnosis.