Marathon carriage stolen in violent robbery Hampshire


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26 February 2003
SW Scotland
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Violent Robbery - crime ref no 44090220952
May 26 2009


Apologies if you know about this already, but it's easier to get all the info onto one mail to everyone - if anyone can let everyone else know about this, the more publicity the better - you never know they might even catch the lowlifes!

On Friday night (22nd) at 10.30pm my yard was broken into (a padlock cut) and a large heston bale dragged out to get to a pairs marathon carriage, shafts, pole, extra bennington shafts, large gold coloured dog cage, new tin of Waxoyl, red lunge rein and a new red fleece rug. These were all loaded into a tatty pale blue rice trailer towed by a Mitsubishi Shogun short wheel-base light green truck. I heard them, followed them to a local travellers site, where they were loading the carriage into a horsebox (lorry) with a lightish blue tatty ramp. They refused to hand anything back, snatched & smashed my phone when they realised I was on it to the police, and threw blocks and bricks at my Discovery, smashing every window and writing it off, - because I was blocking their escape. Both the lorry and truck and trailer got out once they had made me move (I figured there was soon going to be a brick meeting with my head before long!) and they were clever enough to lure me back to my yard using the mitsubishi by making it look like that was where they were headed, so I have no idea where the lorry went.

The carriage is dark blue with pale blue lining, black vinyl seats (back seats lift up), with a black padded pole, metal shafts sprayed black. THe pole-base was on the carriage and they might struggle to remove this if they want to sell it with the shafts on. There were small quick releases on the whipple-trees with pieces of white rope on. The carriage has adjustable delayed steering, a turntable brake and an adjustable sprung drivers seat.