Maybe I should get the neighbours dog to runaway more often


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31 October 2003
Tufty is the laziest thing on four legs. A common comment on the bottom of our dressage sheets is 'it appears that you are working harder than the horse!.'

I decided to take him for a school in the field tonight and he was working fine when all of a sudden he spotted my neighbours black lab in the next door corn field. Mum later told me that the dog had been sat there, watching the whole time I had been riding. But when Tufty spotted her he galloped off up the field. Tufty has never had the energy to take off with me before, it was so funny. And for the rest of the session he was on his toes. It was fantastic i didn't need to kick! (well not sure much
) and he did some amazing work. Just got to find a way of dog knapping Brodie more often!

Dad came out to take pictures but only got one before the batteries died. Its taken at the wrong time and my glasses are falling down my nose, but its not too bad.