Me and my Danny boy at the RWAS winter fair


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22 March 2006
near Swansea
So proud, not bad for a horse that nearly died at 4months

Monday was the coloured class . There were 7 of us in the class and we came 7th. The judge said he was less mature than the rest but his behavour was amazing so I was chuffed :D and we had a light blue rosette

Tuesday was sports horse day. Huge class of 19 amazing company, was quite windy and all the horses were spooked. Pulled in 13th after the first go around. Think my face said it all, was chuffed :) then after the individual we were pulled up to 9th. Mega grin on my face :D so another rosette.

We only went to compete and have a go. to be placed was amazing

some pics

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and we even made it on the telly :D
(wrong title, for some reason they've called it part bred instead of coloured lol )
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