Monthly cost of a horse?


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10 December 2008
A few years ago (I think it was 2014) I kept a really detailed diary of all my costs for a year for my good doer IDx who lived out in the summer and was in overnight in winter - livery (inc hay), feed, bedding, shoes, wormer, vet, dentist, physio, trailer servicing, clipping, saddle checks, lessons, competitions, tack and equipment etc. The only thing I didn't calculate was fuel as I use my car for everyday life too so it was impossible.

I'm on DIY on a decent but not fancy yard (in a fairly cheap part of the country) and I didn't do anything spectacular that year, mostly just riding club lessons and the odd local competition. I'm also not a big shopper so only bought stuff if I desperately needed it. I would describe it as a bronze package - I'm not a frivolous person so I don't spend like made but nor do I scrimp on anything. My horses get what they need and not much else. The whole thing came to £3700. With inflation I think it would probably be at least £5000 now. I also put £100 a month into a savings account instead of paying insurance so I didn't count that as I still had it.


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13 February 2021
Rent - 90
Hay - 50
Farrier -45
Bedding - 35
Feed - 13
That is monthly for absolute basics. I tend to spend odds and sods on top every month as I have a real bad addiction to rug shopping for mine😂
2 July 2021
I have 3 on DIY livery at £195 pcm per horse, hay is included, total = £585
I buy my own bedding (wood pellets) at £250 a pallet (x65 bags), which lasts ages.
Insurance is £85 p/month
Farrier £150 every 6 weeks
I don't spend a huge amount on feed as they don't need it at the minute so probably around £15-£20 every two weeks
Then there's extras like vet, physio, dentist etc when they need it
I don't tend to buy that much extra for them monthly as having three I've accumulated quite a hoard :)

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20 May 2021
The cob and native cost very little, hay and a small token feed for minerals. I trim my own, the youngster isnt backed and the oldie is semi retired so nothing much on top. They do get a glance over by my physio but dont get regular treatment. The TB eats a lot! This time of year a builders sack full of hay twice a day, feed twice a day, supplements for his feet, physio to make sure theres no issues brewing, hoof boots as his feet are rehabbed, etc.

The dentist, vaccinations, worm counts and wormers.Insurance. Vet bills. It soon adds up

I do everything I can to keep costs down whilst not scrimping. I mix my own supplements to match my grazing, trim their feet myself, almost always buy tack and rugs second hand. I'd rather buy a second hand Rambo and have it last a decade than a new shires that needs replacing in a couple of years for example. I do keep them on a track spring, summer and autumn which horrifies a lot of people as it means I hay all year round. But that for me is worth it.


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19 October 2009
I budget £300 a month for my 13hh pony on DIY livery

Competing, lessons and lorry running costs can add another £200 a month easily