Moon report


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30 November 2004
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So today was the big day....
She was a complete star really, couldnt have asked for more from her. She was obviously a little wound up but she was very well behaved, took it all in and didnt disgrace herself!!
Dressage- we stayed in the arena (just) and did vaguley the right things in the right places! I was pleased she wasnt worried about the boards, car etc and there were some nice moments.
Sj- Ok so it was tiny but again she didnt worry about anything, just focused and jumped which makes a nice change from spooky babies! She jumped a lovely clear

xc- what a babe! I was smiling the whole way round, a little green to fence 1 but after that she just grew and grew in confidence and was loving it.

So it was a lovely positive day, she had a good time, remained calm and did everything I could possibly expect her to. Next stop.... Moreton intro

a short clip of the 1st 1/2 of sj, photos are in the gallery


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23 October 2003
Devon UK
What a good girl!
I watched the vid and she didn't spook at all did she, and some of those fillers such as a the green and white were scary for a youngster.
We're off to Nutwell Court next week so fingers crossed we have as good a time as you!


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9 December 2005
Can you send some Moon vibes my way for my new baby boy Emerald, I have a target date for his first dressage of Sept 16. He can canter on both reins(sometimes same leg different reins) so I don't think I am being too pushy. Once we have that out of the way we will do some jumping and go to some clear rounds. Would you have a jumping lesson on a real raw baby or would you think it awaste of money? I usually start mine myself and take them for lessons when they can canter to a jump, but I was wondering if it might give my a different angle to work from?