Moved My New (to me) Mare To New Barn

8 April 2017
I posted on here awhile ago about issues I was having with my new mare. Some really quite good advice, some pithy comments. After a stall opened up in a training facility in the discipline I want to learn, I moved my mare. She's settling in nicely; I have a few nerves around new people, new place, new everything. This is a thank-you post to those who observed my youngster was in a rather too-stimulating environment for her degree of hotness and reactivity. (When I asked her new trainer to rate my mare's reactivity/hotness on a scale of 1-10, she gave her a 7.5 - which was a relief to realise it was not me catastrophising!) To the pithier comment-makers, you were mostly right although I did not especially want to hear the news at the time.