Mrs Collie - Agility Debut Report.


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14 April 2011
To be fair it was one of those on paper bad days but in reality good days.
Two years ago she came to watch Mrs Spaniel in an agility show. I had to have her muzzled and struggled to control her with a double lead and harness combo. Today she trotted around the outside of 7 rings with only a disinterested glance at what was going on, no muzzle and on a normal lead and collar. We queued nicely in between other dogs waiting for our go.
We had an impeccable start line wait and most importantly nice chips! 🤣

In hindsight it was too busy an atmosphere for her and she panicked and got overstimulated the minute I walked away from her.

Next Friday we try again at a fun show with only one ring and a smaller atmosphere and if she doesn't behave there it doesn't matter, we have the winter to work on it. Just getting into the ring was a massive achievement.