Mud and grass mats


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11 May 2009

I know this has been done lots on here and I've looked up some of the old threads before posting but I still have some questions!

I have a large area of mud caused by my horses having to cross the top of their summer grazing to get into the yard as there is no alternative way in. It's far too muddy to do anything about it until spring but I think I'm probably going to have put grass mats in.

I've read on here about using bark, old carpet, hardcore etc but as I rent the land the land owner would prefer me not to put hardcore down and I would like to keep the field looking as natural as possible which leaves me no real alternative.

If I wait until the land dries up and have it rolled etc before laying the mats & reseeding would this be a reasonable solution to preventing so much mud next winter? Has anyone had any success with grass mats and if so can they recommend a supplier and also give any tips for a successful outcome?

The horses will only use the area for access in the winter and in the summer I can fence it off but it will get used by four horses a few times a day.

Thank you.


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12 August 2015
i have used grass mats in gateways but they just curl and sink into the mud. they also break up after a couple of years so work out expensive and don't really do the job. i have seen them in gateways but it later discovered that they were laid over stones and grass seed and soil added to make all look green.