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22 July 2006
Kent, South East
I have a 9 year old tb mare, she has had about 2 years off work due to a pelvis problem! This is now sorted and she is in good work, and jumping etc... in medium work. However she is living out in a field which hasn't got much grass in. Recently I have noticed a very rapid decline in weight, she is always going to look a bit skinny due to her breed but not this much!

At the moment she is gettin 1 scoop redi grass, 1 scoop mix, 1 scoop chaff, half scoop barley oats and then other supplements.

She is also getting about 2 haynets a day! I also need any help on muscle exercises to improve her muscle and conformation.

Is their any supplment to help their horses put on weight if so which one.


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3 September 2004
my TB mare also depends on grass/ hay to get a bit of weight on during the summer so understand the problem - I assume you have had her teeth checked and she is wormed regularly? you don;t say how big the haynets are you are giving her but does she eat them completely or does she leave any hay? If she eats it all i would consider upping the quantity of hay so she has constant access to fibre feed.
you can try putting oil into her feed for weight gain, you can feed up to a cup a day.
as for her muscles, I would say do lots of walking exercises up and downhill - also lungeing with a pessoa for topline.


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5 August 2006
Hi. Have you control over the care of the grazing and if so could you get it dressed and improved with a good dollop of organic fertiliser? I have had TB brood mares and find they will live out even up here in the Highlands if they have access to unlimited hay or haylage and a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement in the hard feed. We also find barley condition rings invaluable for our motely collection of neddies!
21 February 2006
Leigh, Lancashire
Four suggestions:

1) Is she wormed up to date and are her teeth ok?
2) I have had a lot of success with my old horse with a feed called Slobbermash made by Havens. It is like a museli that you feed as a mash. It is also amazing if you have a horse that can be a picky feeder.
3) Feed adlib haylage
4) Split her feeds into as many a day as you can manage.

Hope this helps a bit. My lad is 24 and I have had issues with his weight for ages. I have found the above things to work well for him. Good luck with her and I hope you find the solution soon.