My new baby, Davi. (Da Vinci)

6 January 2019
Meet Davi, my baby. Well, technically he is going to be for my daughter. (she's six) but in reality, he's mine, all mine. wahahaha
Davi is two years old, and 12.2 at the moment. I am guessing he is going to end up at about 13.2 and as wide as a barn.
Plans are to ride and drive. His back is going to be too short for me to ride. sobs...
But, he is a lovely wee lad, and as Traditional a Gypsy Cob as you can get.
I am Biased, and not ashamed. hehe
Pre and post-bath 49348406_10156906071919257_366044158374182912_o.jpg 49436048_10156906066274257_7482186071648763904_o.jpg photos.