My sisters first show


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24 July 2006
North Wales
My sister went to her first show yesterday, only enterd in the one class as we didnt want anything to knock her confidence as she had a MAJOR confidence loss(A few weeks ago she wouldnt break out of a VERY slow trot bless her) But with lots of work from both of us she's doing REALLY well(I've even got her going over jumps)

Anyway, she was really really nervous. Looking like a right arse sat in the car whilst I ran round getting me neddy ready, and I was polishing her boots n all sorts

In she goes into her class(Cob type) rode really well, produced a nice gallop, but had a dodgey moment in the canter. Was really pleased with them both for doing a really good show...

They got first!
Her first ever show, first class and they got fiiiirst

Was really really rewarding watching my mare that Ive trained give someone so much fun and enjoyment...So Im dragging them out next weekend too


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22 November 2005
Aw thats brilliant
And a massive well done to your sister, she did so well and she must be so chuffed with her first