Nerves (almost) overcome. Happy post!


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18 January 2012
I just had to share my amazing weekend with my lovely boy and maybe provide a bit of inspiration.

I have battled with nerves ever since returning to riding in my early 30's after a break since uni days. I was happy in an arena, and would jump (small) coloured poles , but i hated hacking, and was never going to jump a solid fence in my life. So somehow from my sister and i sharing one horse we now have 5 between us, but we each have our special ones and have some fab sharers to help look after them.

So the story really starts with my 14.3 clever hairy cob...who came as a 6 year, hes now 11, and he was basically unbroken as it turns out. So I had to man up and get on with it, as i adored him. So i started hacking, vital life skill for any horse. And we grew together. He has a huge personality, and he brought out my detemination with it. :) Even so it took a long time before id canter out and about. We jumped a bit more, he had a dirty stop in him, so i fell off a lot to start with, then we got our act together. I did my first ever xc fence on him...i think i fell off at the 4th one! Then he broke. :( Back in the game now though giving a lovely girl an amazing time.

So i took on the ride 2 years ago if our young wb x who we bought as a just turned 2 colt So very different at a very solid, pretty laxy 16hh. But he is mostly lovely and there is some talent in their somewhere.

So i went xc schooling at the weekend...and his once in a blue moon slightly bad side same out and he bucked me off warming up on the flat when i told him he couldnt gallop to his friend (who it turns out he didnt want to see that much anyway since he didnt naff off!).

But i had an amazing time. I actually truely enjoyed myself, and its not the first time i have been, but it was the first time it felt good.. even when it wasnt great. We are a great partnership and ai adore this horse even when hes not perfect!

And the pics speak 1000 words...i still think 80cm showjumps are big sometimes.

Log ditch rolltop.

Then we started flying.

He charged at this!

And the final one where we utterly nailed it.

It is still making me smile now. :)


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10 December 2008
Well done. You sound a bit like me. I'm terrified at first and as soon as I get into it, don't want to stop! That last fence must be at least 90?