New development next to horse's stable


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24 April 2016
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My horse's stable (brick built at time of house self-build, planning permission approved) is separated by only a pathway to my boundary fence. The scrub/woodland (out of development envelope) next door was all pulled out by a developer, without any warning and with no planning application lodged, some three weeks ago.

Would anyone have any advice about either planning rules regarding proximity to stabling of housing or use of machinery when building is in progress? My turnout is not huge, and the heavy clay here means that turnout is not available year-round (despite drainage having been installed) - so my 18yo TBxID (more TB than ID!) mare who has always been very reactive is not going to deal well with anything going on behind her; I have already had to get her out of the stable quickly on two occasions with a digger behind her and even then she has sustained a pastern injury (the developer refused to listen to me when I tried to get them to stop, even momentarily).

I also have a planning-permission approved 40x20m arena not far away, and the removal of trees means that anything happening on the plot will be easily visible, which for me as rider on an often very difficult horse could be a serious safety risk!

I know there are rules about the distance between "livestock" and human housing, but horses used for recreation are not classified as livestock!

I fear it could be totally impossible for me to have this current horse on site with work going on, which leaves me with a not insignificant investment in stabling/arena that's potentially unusable, no mind livery fees elsewhere and the need to keep the paddock cut if not grazed.