New Lorry means I need a price for my trailer......

The Bouncing Bog Trotter

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7 December 2008
East Sussex
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We've just bought a lorry and I need to sell my trailer. I've no idea on price as they seem to vary so much so please can I have some suggestions.....

It's an Ifor Williams 505 (2x16.2), old model with the metal roof. When I bought it about 4 years ago it had just had a professional overhaul to include new wood floor, new electrics and new tyres. It is security marked on every single part and has been serviced annually and has been well maintained since. Only fault is that some of the panels are faded (some were replaced when overhauled) but I think this is a good thing as it will make it less easy to steal and hide! It also has a new jockey locking jockey wheel and comes with 2 sets of keys and a wheel lock.

What do you think?