New Years Day message from an Anti - posted on This Is Hunting's page


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27 July 2012
Hope it's ok to post from This is Hunting but it may be of interest :)

New Year's Day Message 2****
In breaking with complete tradition of a Hunting Organisation, This is Hunting UK this afternoon is going to hand over to one of our opponents who has an important observation to make.
This is from someone who, whilst wishing to remain anonymous wanted to share with you his thoughts after the vile abuse he and many others witnessed on this Page after the Christmas Eve Post.
"I just wanted to say I am shocked and sorry for the abuse that has been sent to your organisation.
Although we have opposing views it is unacceptable to bombard either side or organisation at that with levels of abuse mentioned in your post.
I know we didn't have the the discussions that I wished to have which I regret and apologise for, but I know your group is trying to improve the image of hunting and stand up to and against violence and intimidation which is not recognised by the majority of anti hunt people.
There are a lot of anti people who are appalled at the abuse that goes on and who distance themselves from those who think it's fun to do so."
Be assured TiHUK is most grateful to our contributor for sharing his observations with us, and we are more than aware he is not the only one.