North and NW Kent Livery


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28 July 2008
Kent/Sussex Borders
Done to death I know, apologies in advance - I have done a few searches but I also know a lot of the old threads are out of date, and this is utterly unknown territory for me. Will be posting in a couple of areas on here for wider reach.

Next year OH and I are planning on moving to the Rochester/Chatham Kent area (bit of a shock for me based in central London and horse in North London/Herts!) so I need help finding a yard which is in the North and West Kent area - around Maidstone/Meopham/Eynsford/any of that band of Kent would be ideal. Bit in advance, but I also know how insane some waiting lists are - Capricorn is high on my list but they rarely have vacancies! Saywell also looks amazing but I believe they only do DIY?

Any yard driveable from that area would be suitable, so advice is very much appreciated. Must be
- Part livery
- At least some form of turnout every day (fine with half days, but it must be every day)
- Decent hacking
- An arena with some pole and jumps.
- A walker would be amazing, too (I have a Connemara who puts on weight from the mere scent of grass!).

For me, daily and year-round turnout is an absolute must, as is quality of care - I used to be stabled in the Bexley area which was an absolute nightmare... Happy for smaller, private yards if it ticks all the boxes, and for a drive of around 45mins but can extend this for a really great yard - I've heard wonderful things about Bedgebury, but it is a bit of a way considering I will still be working in central London (if we ever get down of lockdown, that is!)

Any advice and suggestions or experiences much appreciated - please PM me if you would rather, and please do tell me of any to avoid too - I have been burned before by yards and it is something I want to avoid at all costs. It is so important to find a nice yard for my boy, and something I would like to have in mind ahead of moving.

Thanks for reading, and for any help!


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22 November 2013
I'm in that area :)

I cant rate Scalers Hill enough, I'm not there (I couldn't bring myself to go part livery) but I know a few people there and they are really really happy.

Happy if you want to PM me :) I know of a few not great ones as well!


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2 July 2009
You could try Kits Coty stables on Blue Bell hill just off the A229. When I lived in Kent friends kept their horses there and incidentally 2 years ago I bought my younger horse from a private seller based there.

I kept the horse I had at the time on a small yard in Hucking which has since changed hands but I think that would be a bit far from you anyway.