Not sure I like sharing my mares.....with my husband!


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5 June 2007
west midlands
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My darling hubby bought me a new pony to play with in March. A lovely veteran 14.2hh, arab who I have known for many years and who I couldn't see sold on to anyone else so he said I could have have her...I think he had plans from that day on!!!

I have spent the past three months lightly working her to build her fitness and muscle tone back up and fed her up as her weight was a bit poor after a hard winter and I even took her to a show in April to do veteran pony with my eldest daughter just to give her a change of scenery....the three weeks ago he asked me for a lesson on her and I haven't rode her since (until this afternoon cos he is working!!). Karl has been riding her three times a week since his first lesson and he has been hacking out on her already...I am back to riding my 14hh veteran on hacks again!

I actually don't mind sharing Sovereign with him, I mean I have shared my four other ponies with my children for the past 13 years so why not share one with my hubby!! I guess I will just have to find me another pony to call entirely my own!

ignoe his position, he's not out to win just to plod and he's a terrible student
I have to admit being very proud of him as we have been together 5 years and he has mucked out and paid for my babies for all that time and my ex never once went up to help me the way Karl does.
his first lesson and first ever time on a horse of any size!

and stealing my hack!