Now its raining on such parched land, what to look out for e.g. GS and Lami?


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26 August 2005
OK so we've had no rain for a good 3/4 weeks, lots of sun so the ground is totally dry.

Now its going to rain (well its already raining up here in Scotland) so I am concerned abuot the effect the rain is going to have on both the amount of grass (problem for my Laminitic) and also the danger of Grass Sickness (I have a 2 year), our land is not known for GS at all but the area (Central Scotland) is.

I have mine on probiotics (TopSpec), for my Lami I check his pulses twice daily, the field they are in is quite bare so they are both trim at the moment, and so far I have been Lami free. (constantly worry though so I am very careful with him)

I am worried that this rain will wake up both the grass (for Lami) and also any toxins that are present after such a prolonged dry spell (for GS).

So my open question is what can we do to be vigilant to keep our horses Lami and GS free? And what management do people use when this situation occurs? (Prolonged dry period followed by wet period in the 'flush' season e.g. spring and autumn.)


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24 June 2008
small girl - yes be observant - poss strip graze for lami or restrict grazing - just watch know your horse and acted if ness - knowing your horse its ways etc is so important

Rachel - been on fb site - credit to you and learnt lots thank you- "dont cry for horses " - beautiful poem -thank you