Oops - forgot crucial piece of show prep !


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30 April 2007
Beds / Bucks borders
We're off to a party on Sunday (local unaff dressage). I've remembered to school the Moose, clean my boots, stock up on plaiting bands snd leather cleaner, arranged to borrow the lorry, put my entry in on time.....what have i forgotten to do?

I haven't been out to a comp in ages, and i appear to have shrunk somewhat since the last time. I bought my navy jacket back when i was a real little dollop, and I am now a bit less dollopy. I look like a kid playing dressing up. I just tried it on and went to show my 6 foot 3, 20+ stone husband, and he said, "Is that my jacket?". Oh well, it will give the judge a laugh if nothing else.