Organising a charity fun ride - how to go about it?


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10 January 2011
Rainy Cumbria!
I was thinking about trying to organise a charity fun ride in aid of Prince Fluffy Kareeem ( for anyone that hasn't seen them before) and was just wondering what things would be involved. It's only really an idea at the moment but if it did happen then I'd be thinking about Summer 2013.

The things I can think of that I need to consider are:
Steward type people to help out
The actual route and getting permission to go in certain places
Start/End points so there's places for parking etc
Organising people who are coming and donations
Advertising it so people would actually know about it

There's probably a lot of things I need to add to that list so any ideas would be helpful and if someone was to do something like this in your area would you do it? All suggestions welcome :)


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23 July 2010
Thats a good start!

There's always the issue of insurance to look at.

Start with the route. Find your start point and have a rough idea on where you'd like to go. Aim for around 10 miles and as few road crossings as possible.

Then, I'd suggest you get your team of helpers together as it does take alot of organising.

Then, when you've a bunch of volunteers, get your permissions to ride from land owners or the parish council and make sure you have the backing of the charity you're trying to help.

It might be worth teaming up with a local bridleway group and do a joint venture.


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25 November 2005
Don't forget to do a Risk Assessment. It is a very good idea to team up with a bridleway group or endurance group as you will then be covered by their insurance - although you have to let the insurance company know. You should get the backing of the Charity. You will need plenty of helpers for parking horseboxes, taking entries and recording rider details and disclaimer, a starter, stewards for road crossings or somewhere that people might get lost. People for refreshments, maybe a photographer, and someone to clock every rider back in. YOu will need someone to set off at the very end to make sure everyone gets back OK.

The route will have to be marked and cleared up afterwards.

Good luck, you should get plenty of support.