ottos first time jumping indoors


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20 November 2005
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what a night! decided to take otto to towerlands for a bit more jumping experience and to give ash the chance to start competing him over 2ft 9. got there way to early to start with and was hanging around for nearly 4 hours before she even jumped! she took him in the arena and he was quite funny to watch he was gingerly walking along the wall and having a good look around with a 'what the hell' kind of look on his face. anyway he saw the jumps and got down to business, the little git tried to run out at the planks but ash managed to stop him haul him back in front of the jump and made him jump it from a standstill to get the clear round. she then had a run out at the same fence in the jump off but still managed a 3rd place. in the 2ft 9 class otto was getting a bit excited and had the second from last fence down as he was going a bit to fast. there was only one clear in the whole class and they didnt jump off for subsequent placings but overall a very good night and a new experience putting him back in the field at 11.30pm and trying to be quiet about it so as not to wake the occupants in the bungalow! i did warn them before hand and they kindly left there outside lights on for us!