Ouch - hard lesson learnt but recovered well I think? + short video


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29 June 2005
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Ok so met up with a few friends and went round Somerford Park farm ride yesterday. The aim was to perhaps go round with no refusals and to jump some fences I've not done before.
For those that know the summer ride here goes

tyres fine x2, log, sharks teeth (new), water splash, 2 steps down into water 2 steps out of water x2, planks? followed by log, then tried a steeplechase fence and refused - my fault as Pidge locked on to it so I just sat there
represented and I wasn't convinced so he stopped in front of it, he dropped his shoulder and I ended up on the fence OUCH
not impressed
, 4 steps down 3 steps up x3, tyres ditch tyres x2 - stopped first time at ditch but jumped it fine 2nd time round, me slowly getting confidence back after being dumped! double of small logs, double of large logs x2 (new), large log, tyres x2, big railway sleeper (new), tyres, pheasant feeder, large pheasant feeder (new) always wanted to jump that one
, river ride, large skinny rails (new), log pile over ditch (new), large rails (new), gallop up hill and over the tyres, u shaped fence, roll top (new), through the woods, house 2 stops as my hands went a bit awry but fine on the 3rd attempt when kept hands still, octagonal fence 1 refusal but fine next time round, large telegraph poles, large telegraph poles in pairs with Sunny, logs uphill, blue fence with tyres on top, 2nd steeplechase fence (3') to get confidence back jumping them, through the stream, pheasant feeder, then finished with a gallop uphill and all the way along the last stretch

Sorry for the long post, but have finally confirmed a couple of things to myself (takes longer I know but hey I'm blonde
), if I'm not sure don't attempt to jump it, keep my hands still and legs on when jumping and then he'll jump anything
and more importantly for me not to dwell on what has happened and focus on moving forward as previously when things have gone wrong I've got really disheartened to put it mildly and given up

so despite coming off and 6 refusals in total I feel really pleased with yesterday as we jumped 8 fences I've never done before and when I actually rode him to them he was fine. and despite taking 2 hours and 15 minutes to go round the 6.5 miles he was still pinging at the end of it so no worries about his fitness, just need to work on mine