overbending in lozenge bit


Not slacking multitasking
31 December 2008
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Frank seems to go well in a new bit for a few sessions and then works his way around them. As a welsh (16) he can get a little distracted and I do need to be able get his attention back when required. if he becomes distracted he has a tendency to set his neck (chunky!) against me so it is best avoided. We have a wide range of bits for different activities!

Had a myler comfort snaffle but started leaning on it, has recently been in a JP loose ring with lozenge which is quite a chunky bit (ie not narrow) and he is now overbending in it quite badly. This is the first time I have had a loose ring bit in him apart from the bradoon of a double (which he doesn't overbend in ATM)

So at home to try I have an, single joint eggbut, a french link fulmer (we jump in a french link hanging cheek) and my loose ring bradoon from my double with a single joint. I have 2 dressage tests on sunday and am not sure which one to try instead, can have one practice before hand, am sorely tempted to put the eggbutt in just thought I would pick your helpful brains too!