Parking Metre Credit card Scam


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6 March 2011
Just a warning to the kind hearted elderly.

Do not give anyone help at a parking machine.

My 80 year old OH was conned of three card details and pins this morning while walking back from the town because he agreed to help a foreigner with a parking metre problem.

A medium height man of North African appearance asked if OH spoke French and then in French asked his help putting £5 cash in a meter that will take only cards. When the Frenchman's card (apparently) failed, stupid OH put three of his own cards into the machine plus entered their pins - transcation failed each time and card retained but not before the criminal had his data for three cards.
Con man departed and made use of it.
The parking machine company offered no help and denied responsibility for retrieving the cards still in their machine.
OH much distressed and when I arrived, concerned police officers came to help.
Only later when the cards were reported lost did it become clear that it was not OH's human error but a fraud.
Two of the cards blocked the withdrawals - the other is stilll investigating.

Major advice is to report incidents like this as a crime and to get a crime number. In London this can be done on line. John Lewis Financial Services will not investigate or consider a refund unless one gets a crime number.