Partial seizures

15 April 2019
Has anyone ever had any experience with equine seizures? My Clyde x has been diagnosed with this, and been told he has blockages in his third ventricle of his brain. He has been getting some stiffness in his neck, but we aren’t sure if these are linked neurologically. We’ve had a physio and our vet look at this, and they’re unclear as to whether they’re linked too.

Equine seizures haven’t been widely researched in the UK at all, so I’m now having to go further afield to the USA to seek advice from professionals.


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29 September 2013
Yes. My old horse began having the odd funny turn which gradually became full blown seizures.

Unfortunately, because of her age the vets weren't able to offer any treatment and sadly she was PTS a couple of weeks ago.

My understanding is that seizures can be controlled in younger horses although medication can be difficult to get right.

Whether the neck stiffness is linked or not I don't know. It could be, or it that the stiffness is a result of the seizures. I know that my mare would be horribly stiff afterwards.

I'm really sorry you are going through this. I found it very distressing to witness the seizures.

Has your vet offered any treatment options at this stage?