playing with other dogs advice please

28 October 2005
Hi everyone,

well I've not been in here or on HHO for a while!

Pickle is now a gorgeous 2 year old and is adorable in every way, she is fab with our friends kids, is obedient and ADORES her Daddy..... and I think this is where the problem lays.

Hubby takes her to work with him most days (he's a courier) and she has 2 runs during the day, this consists of playing with Daddy, playing ball/fetch/hide and seek and she loves it. However, if another dog comes over she doesn't want to play with them, just wants to play with Daddy. She was well socialised as a pup but over the last 4 months or so she has got less and less interested in playing with other dogs, including her brother and sister, she is just not interested. She will give a little growl and if they insist on jumping on her then she will tell them where to get off, never viciously but she does get her point across!

She has not been spade yet (we were deciding whether to breed or not) but she is now booked in for December as its not a route we are going to go down, we don't want to risk her. A friend has suggested that this may be something to do with it :confused: personally I can't see that but we need to nip this in the bud now.

I suggested that when we take her to the park at weekends with no toys so she has no one else to play with apart from other dogs, do you think this is a good idea? she used to play for ages with other dogs but now just wants Daddy.

Has anyone else got any other suggestions?

thanks in advance

Tricksy xx

Pickle on the beach in Spain last month :D