Please Help Me (Updated)


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25 March 2005
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Yes - we had a fantastic night last night. I posted my request on Craigslist (again) and someone took it to another online community (www.reddit) and they really got behind me! It is amazing - yesterday I was down by 300, this morning I am up by 1300.

Unfortunately the contest is not over for another 15 days, so I can not relax until then. I truly believe that to win this I just need one strong online community to get behind me (much like Reddit did yesterday) and I think this has the community atmosphere to do that.

I ask if you have not voted, to go out and vote for me. And if you have voted for me if you could please ask other lists, forums or just friends to vote for us I would grately appreciate it.

I truly believe that to win this contest, I just need one board with devoted members to get behind it and really help out! I think this board is it!!!

You can now vote easily by going to (my site will redirect you):


Here is our story if you are unfamiliar:

Hi everyone, I am hoping that you'll be willing to take a few seconds to help me out- I am trying to win a new couch in a lovesac furniture contest to give to my fiance as a wedding present. We are getting married in July, and I have been out of work. I do not have the money to buy her a nice wedding gift. We are only a few hundred votes behind and the contest goes until the end of May.

Please, please... pretty please take a few seconds just to vote for me, Iain Holmes, at this link my name is the first one on the list.

I'd really appreciate any and all help!! If you know friends and family that will vote (you can only vote once), please pass this along to them as well. Thank you all sooo sooo much. I really really appreciate it, and I would love to be able to give my fiance the type of gift she deserves for our wedding.

Thank you all so so much!!!