POLITE Hi-Vis - Your Opinions?


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11 October 2014
I have one of there pink tabard and a exercise sheet both still going strong 6 years later. However after an issue with a later order and terrible customer (must see if I can dig out the emails) I would never use them again.


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28 May 2009
A plain Hi viz jacket is far more effective. The sight of any hi viz jacket triggers an almost pavlovian reaction in many people , officialdom! As soon as they read "polite " they realise that they have been ,at some subconscious level, tricked . The result is anger. on the other hand ,an unmarked jacket leaves that element of doubt. Do the police always wear jackets with "police" written on it? Do I really want to find out? Not really!
I observed the "unmarked jacket " effect recently when I wore my new (not covered in horse poo or engine oil) Hi viz jacket whilst flying from Luton airport to Cluj Napoca . It was that sunday when we had all the snow and all the flights were cancelled . I had a never ending stream of bewildered travellers asking me what was going on , confused police ,border control ,even restaurant staff all thought I was official in some context or other . This is the magic of the unmarked Hi viz Jacket.


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7 November 2008
Legal or not the intention is clearly to mislead other road users and I find that really off.

Re: Orange on railways - it usually means that those in orange have got their 'track clearance' that allows them to work on lines. It isn't necessarily about it being the 'best' colour.

Having said that, in summer, riding through fields of rape in bright light for example you'd possibly want a non-yellow option!
Really!!!!! Orange is by far the most visible colour to human eye and subconscious in industry testing and you will see it in all critical areas. If it had anything to do with track clearance why can anybody buy Orange as it would make that pointless. Rail track insist on orange for a reason and not as a clearance to show you can be there. Anybody either working or visiting is mandated to use orange . As indeed are many companies moving over too.
I had to do a health and safety course for our industry and the short coming of yellow was shown to us practically and especially when lights are involved orange was so much more visible at distance giving a 50m advantage. Yellow along with the hi viz actually causes glare which makes things less visible wereas when combined with orange outlines are more visible.
Another thing that the Polite manufacturers should take on board was that no other wording was recommended that would distract and take that split second to read to those having to react to hi viz.
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28 March 2011
I have had my exercise sheets for years they are still going strong .
I wear pink hi viz so would not get their riderwear but I have no problem with it , this subject keeps coming round and I just don’t get it , if you don’t like it don’t buy it get something else .


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31 December 2008
I imagine people are capable of both not buying it and still having an opinion when a post asks for it, be quiet round here otherwise.