Pony putting tongue over bit


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17 August 2017
As some of you may know if you’ve seen my other thread, I’ve recently got a new pony. He hasn’t got a bad bone in his body, he’s just very nervous at the moment. However, I noticed when I tried him out and again at the vetting that he puts his tongue over the bit. His old owners response was “oh he’s always done that, that’s why we put the flash on”. To me, a tongue over the bit means something is wrong. When I go to get on, he won’t stand still as soon as I pick up my reins and every time I ask him to go up a pace, he panics. I rode him yesterday on a really loose rein and he did settle eventually. Not sure if the bit is causing him pain - he’s in a single jointed eggbutt at the moment.

I am going to speak to my yard owner about getting his teeth checked. Is it worth getting his back checked too?

Also, any other tips? If they all come back okay, what sort of bit should I look at trying?

(I’m a new owner, only ever part loaned before where I didn’t have to deal with this sort of thing!!)