PSD and SI issues- happy update (also in CR)


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15 June 2008
I don't post very often so quick synopsis- 14 year old TB gelding, not lame but not 'right' behind, lacking power and jump, not his normal obliging self. Initially found lots of pain/stiffness in SI treated by physio but no significant improvement. I suspected spavins in hocks but much (expensive) diagnostic work later found that he had thickening in one hind suspensory and a lesion in the other with counter rotation of pedal bones. Cue a very depressed owner. In conjunction with fab vet decided against surgery and had a course of shock wave therapy and cartrophen injections teamed with remedial shoeing. Approx 6 weeks of paddock rest, then last couple of months been walking out and long reining in school gradually increasing time spent on board.
Now the update - Went to vets this morning, had a good work up & he's moving so so much better-better flexion in hock, no toe dragging and no soreness at all in SI. Vet re-scanned legs and they show a HUGE improvement (it all looks like an untuned TV screen to me but vet assures me all those white dashes are good ;-) ) So still a way to go and have to continue with the slow progressive fittening/strengthening work but it looks hopeful that hacking/schooling and even some RC events could be back on the agenda next year.
I've seen several posts on here discussing treatment and prognosis so just wanted to offer some hope to anyone struggling with similar injuries. It's taken some time but hopefully it'll be worth it.
I managed to accidentally delete my PM's so if the person who was messaging me to compare notes reads this-sorry I lost you, how's things going with you?