R.I.P. our beautiful boy Casper xx


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28 May 2011
West Sussex
We lost our beloved Black Lab Casper this afternoon. We are all heartbroken, but we know it was the kindest thing for him. It was very peaceful, he spent the afternoon at home with us, snoozing in his basket, we were all with him at the end. For those who commented on my other thread over the weekend, thank you for your thoughts and kind words. I have written the following in memory of our boy - life will never be the same.

The time has come for us to say goodbye to you,
And my head is really struggling to make my heart believe it's true,
Because, although it's time already for us to be apart,
I know that you're not really gone, you are forever in my heart.

You weren't just a pet, you were our friend, our family,
And the way you made us feel, I think, was plain for all to see,
You bounced into our lives, such a naughty, cheeky pup,
And we have loved you every day since, as we watched you grow up.

You used to pull our pony tails and chew on all our shoes,
And if you reached the paper first, we would not get to read the news,
We walked and walked and walked in attempt to tire you out,
And still you had the energy to run and play and jump about.

You loved days at the yard, rolling in muck and chewing the hose,
You especially loved George The Horse, who would let you lick his nose,
You would come along to shows and you loved to chase your ball,
But a good walk on Epsom Downs or Walton Heath is what you loved most of all.

You have always been protective and I felt safe with you around,
You looked after Smudge's kittens, so concerned at every sound,
You looked upon my little girl with such gentle loving care,
As she wrapped her arms round Casper-dog, I knew she was safe there.

We will always miss your bark, your bounce, your happy grin,
And the way your soft brown eyes could not help but draw us in.
We will miss your wagging tail and your soft, silky ears,
And your quiet, loving loyalty after these twelve years.

Long country walks won't be the same without you there,
We'll miss the way you quietly listen to our troubles and nuzzle in our hair,
Words cannot describe just how much you mean to us,
I think you knew, as you reflected our love back, a thousand times plus.

It hurts so very very much to let you go,
But the pain is worth every moment we have shared, I hope you know,
You have been the best dog and friend we could have wished for,
And I will always miss your happy greeting when I walk through the door.

The time has come for us to say goodbye to you,
And my head will never ever convince my heart that it is true,
Because, although it's time already for us to be apart,
I know that you're not really gone, you are indelibly, unforgettably, inerasably, forever in my heart.

Run free beautiful boy, we will always love you xx


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17 April 2008
N. Bucks
A beautiful tribute to a family member who was so very obviously adored by you all. What a lucky boy he was to have such fantastic owners. You have done the one last thing that you could for him to keep him safe, Hugs to you all x


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3 January 2012
SW Scotland
What a lucky boy to be so loved.

I hope the happy memories will last longer than the sad ones.

Best wishes at this sad time that all us dog lovers understand. xx