Ready to Purchase a New Western Saddle


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4 May 2019
I’d love to help but I got a local one by a guy called Vic Bennett. I had a Tucker previously but it wasn’t as comfortable however it truly wasn’t a bad saddle, just not for a 4+ hr ride. If you’re able to get one the UK be careful of the Mexican ones. Some Circle Y is okay as well as some Billy Cook but they’re heavy and you should make sure the US made ones too. Martin, Frecker and Brazos are quite popular here too but I don’t know if you can get those there. Whatever you get make sure you roll the stirrup leathers otherwise it’s brutal after 6+hrs in the saddle.
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20 November 2008
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Jennifer Sheerin of Western Tack Trader covers the whole of the UK (pre/post covid).

She only stocks quality American brands so you don't need to worry about any "junk".

She is active on facebook on the WTT page and has a website. I dont think stock on the website is up to date but it has all of her contact details if you're not on FB.

I had a bad experience with a different UK "western saddler" so would only recommend Jennifer based on personal experience.

For pads and Cinches there is Classic Equine and The Western Shop in the UK and Jennifer is the only UK dealer for Weaver so can get you anything from their American website through her too.


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9 February 2019
What sort of saddle are you looking for?
There are huge variations between different Western disciplines so that will make a big difference.
I had a trophy bulldogging saddle that I absolutely loved but had an instructor ride in it then ask me how the hell I rode in an ejector seat 🤣
I was mainly reining focused though so my absolute pride and joy is my custom continental. The quality is unbeatable and you can have absolutely any size, shape, cut, colour or pattern. I'm more traditional though so no bling for me, just a bit of tooling around the edges.