Recommendations for reading/homework


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11 August 2011
My daughter’s Connie mare has a strained suspensory and needs some time off. The decision was made to put her in foal. She has just backed and produced her first horse, a lovely 5 year old ish and they are having some lovely success together. We have a great team of instructors and health professionals on board to assist us and I can send the mare back to stud for foaling. What I would like to know is any recommendations for reading material...we put Connie to catherston liberator. The mare is a brilliant show jumper and lovely xc but hopeless dressage as she has been jumped the wotsits out of prior to us. She isn’t sharp, easy to handle and very sensible but I am aware liberator can throw sharp babies so we want to make sure we start as we mean to go on and really desensitise baby from the get go. We have an arena that I can put tarp/spooky stuff in. Over to you please so I can do my homework...foaling will be may if all goes to plan :)