Remember those police officers that kicked those dogs??


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8 January 2008
Dog cruelty Pcs have wages docked

Footage of the officers hitting their pet dogs

Two North Wales Police officers who were filmed kicking and throwing their pet dogs around have lost pay, but been allowed to keep their jobs.

Pcs Anja Mason, 29, and Craig Macleod, 34, have both been docked 10 days' pay, the force has confirmed.

They admitted causing suffering to the two dogs after a neighbour filmed the abuse at a house in Prestatyn.

They were also given community sentences and were banned from keeping animals for five years.

A hearing at Denbigh magistrates' court was told that RSPCA officers had been called to the home the pair shared on a number of occasions in spring 2008 by a concerned neighbour.

However, on each visit, inspectors were unable to obtain evidence that the couple's rottweiler dog called Snoopy or a border collie puppy called Tess had been mistreated.


The neighbour then set up a video camera to film the officers' back yard, capturing the evidence needed to bring the prosecution.

A DVD showing 13 clips of ill treatment was shown to the court.

In one scene Mason was filmed hitting the pup's head and kicking her.

Later the dog was seen pulling washing from a line before Macleod emerged from the house and chased it to a corner of the yard. Out of shot of the camera the dog could then be heard yelping.

In other scenes, Macleod sprayed the dogs with water and Mason was seen chasing the puppy with what appeared to be a stick.

Mason received a sentence of 120 hours and Macleod received 180 hours. Both were ordered to pay £1,267.10 in costs.

Both officers were removed from frontline duties by North Wales Police pending the outcome of the case against them, and the court had heard they faced losing their jobs.

However, a North Wales Police spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday that a disciplinary hearing ruled the officers should "forfeit" 10 days' pay.


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26 April 2007
Ten days pay isn't nearly good enough, I remember that case and was horrified. How are the public going to respect officers that have no self control


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7 March 2008
Thats a pathetic result.
Thought Police Officeres were meant to be Pillars of the community, not animal abusing sick f**ks.


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9 February 2007
I can remember hearing about this case and being sickened then but after seeing that footage

I think the worst thing for me was not necessarily the abuse that was going on towards those dogs but the sheer fear and apprehension you could see in their body language, especially true of the large Rottie.
Especially on the last bit of footage in which the dog is seen running with its haunches lowered as it runs. A sure sign of submissiveness and fear. How sad to see dogs acting like that. For a dog to show that display of fear proves that abuse was happening regularly and not just one offs.
I am so glad that the person who filmed this did, so that everyone could see with their own eyes what these barstewards did and not just read about it in print. I think seeing it visually like that gives it an edge which you cannot always emphasise in text.
There is no justice for those dogs though. Those idiots should have been punished more severely than that!
I think whoever it was who said that they would have been dealt with more severely if they had not been police were spot on. They can look after their own at times and this looks very much to me like that was the case.
Shame on the justice system of this country.
These pillars of the community should have been made an example to all. Naming and shaming is not enough in my opinion.
I think they should have been sent to dog borstal for one so that they could be shown how to correctly train and handle a dog and not for that to include abuse.