Report from Cheltenham


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25 November 2005
No firm conclusions, as might be expected. However I did notice that they are going to do an analysis of horse falls/trainers, which I am slightly surprised hasn't been done before. Again, I doubt if there will be any obvious connection. Every horse is different, there are so many influences, i.e. the going, the speed of the race.
After all, no trainer sends out a horse unless he things it is ready to run (hopefully).

I have just read Henrietta Knight's book about different trainers. Some of the surfaces they train on are different, some prefer sand gallops others don't, some like a firm woodchip gallop, etc. and they all have their reasons based on experience, even if they are opposite to the norm. The only real difference that stood out was that some trainers will loose school their horses to get them jumpers, others will only ever jump them with an experienced jockey riding them. I did wonder then if anyone had done any statistics on which seems to be the better outcome for jumping. Maybe will shall find out now. I suspect not much difference.