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15 July 2003
London and Hertfordshire
Ashley Reeve 29 and his beautiful ten year old coloured mare, Sundance
(whose sire is Oberon a stallion owned by Her Majesty the Queen) has
embarked on the longest route ever ridden around the mainland coast of
Ashley first thought of undertaking the the ride five years ago, when
talking with his friends.
Someone was sailing around the coast of Britain and it was suggested that it
ought to be done on horseback.
A chance visit to a horse sale in Cambridge saw him buy Sundance, then a
five year old. Ashley unearthed the Royal Connection later, and wrote to
Buckingham Palace to inform the Queen of his project and Sundance's Royal
breeding. He received a reply expressing interest in the project and news
of his mare.
For this epik trec he has divided the coast into 150 sections to give him a
shedule. Each section is approximately 24 miles. He aims to do five
sections each week. On his days off, he rests the horse and reconnoitres
the next section of coast. He was hoping to complete by the end of October,
but due to his lorry breaking down, is two weeks behind schedule!
On 30th June he completed his 50th section when he arrived at talacre beach,
near Prestatyn, and was greeted by the BHS Regional Chairman of North East
Wales, Jo Hughes.
Ashley is riding for several charatiesincluding BHS Welfare, MIND,
NSPCC,WWF,RNLI and Cancer Research Campaign. He is tackling the ride alone
and at the time of writing , had been unable to secure any sponsorship.
For further information regarding this venture visit
www.sponsoredhorseride.co.uk. Any donations should be made payable to
'Sponsored Ride UK' specifying for which charity it is intended for.

(Taken from the page 6 of the British Horse Society magazine 'British Horse'
September/October 2006).