riding in the dark

19 April 2008
sorry if there has already been posts on this but didnt find much by searching.

is it doable? no arena, no lights, whats the best way? headtorch? car headlights? or any other tricks that havent occurred to me!
1 December 2011
I wouldn't recomend it. If you have no lights to lead the way then what's to make you safe? I'm presuming you have florescent safety equipments. (Coat, hat ring, flurescent boots.)

It's up to you but I don't think it's a sensible idea.


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31 December 2008
if in a field I think it depends a bit on your surrounding area, our field is surrounded by houses so there is sufficient light pollution that it isn't pitch black, I would suggest you try it and see as your eyes adjust, and presuming it is your field and you know it and the grounding well it is less of a problem. (if not I would go with the headtorch option!)

We do have a large flood light off the stables but I actually find it easier without as it blinds you when going towards it.

Sam I do hack out in the dark (well very first light in the mornings) but I think it is very dependent on where you live/off road options etc. fwiw we have a lot of gear on plus head lamp and rear red lights.


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4 November 2010
Agree with ester - I ride without lights and never have a problem - plenty of light pollution! I sometimes put the security light on or use headlights if it is really cloudy but normally don't need to :)
30 January 2011
I have been schooling in the dark since a few weeks before the clocks changed as the floodlights have only just been fixed and haven't had a problem. As others have said, there is plenty of light pollution.

I also hack on a busy road. There are street lights and we go out with fluro/reflective jacket, sheet, hatband, neckstrap and boots. I have flashing lights on my hat, arms and legs and pony has a red flashing light on her tail. We go on the grass verge when riding at night to allow more space between us and cars. I drive on this road and have never had a problem seeing even badly lit cyclists - by comparison, pony and I should be seen from space! From there we go onto a dark bridleway which she likes to tank up. Again, there is plenty of light pollution from the road and surrounding houses so I often let her. In several months she has never once tripped or spooked. The way I see it, I turn out at night happily because she can see in the dark - when riding, I expect my horse to see our way and follow the trail and she does this. I do have an experienced sensible pony who I have had for 13 years so we know each other very well. If I had a youngster I might think differently.
1 August 2006
We used to go out hacking at night. Not near a road, so no light pollution at all. We knew the tracks well, and our eyes quickly adjusted. Only once had a problem when coming back down towards 'civilisation', there was a late night game at the local sports club, and the floodlights were on. As we came over the top of the hill the light was so bright I was completely blind for at least 100yds. Luckly pony seemed unaffected and brought me home safe. I think any kind of torch/ lamp would have prevented our eyes adjusting and made it much harder.
15 June 2010
i can just about ride under the lights from my car but u have to set them to full beam and dont ride towards them as it blinds and turn ur enging on so u dont flattern ur battery