Riding Lopsided - renamed post!!


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25 November 2005
Sorry - should have given a better title!! -


Went for a hack this morning with a friend - I have a quite sharp 10yo WB mare.

Been upping the work lately, (1 or 2 hr hacks every day) pre-pre-hunting, and upped her food a tiny bit (3/4 scoop economy cubes, 1/2 alfa-a oil) She's out on good grass 24/7.

We were on a grass field with a friend, and were going from trot to canter and she put in an ENORMOUS buck & I went out the side door.

She's always been quite sharp, but last month or so has been very chilled - nice w/t/c - road work, stubble, grass fields etc. Bucking has never been her thing - she's more likely to spin, so this surprised me.

Her teeth, tack & back are due to be done in the next month or so, but there have been no other signs that any of these are a problem

This was quite out of character, and I'm a bit at a loss.... It wasn't a 'way-hay this is fun buck', she really meant it. She's also been trying to canter when we're trotting a few times lately (but only when in company, not on her own)


I've been told that I ride one sided, and she was very one sided when I got her. I've got a synthethic saddle, but the question is, how do I stop riding one sided?? It's a kind of chicken and egg - She was one sided, so I rode one sided, so she muscled up even more one sided, so I sit even more one sided.......

I CANNOT lunge her - she goes berko & tries to kill me and any helpers.........

So, how do I stop riding one sided?? Do I 'lean' to the left a lot??

Hoping the bucking thing is a symptom of something (gives it a reason then which can be addressed), but I'm fairly sure that being so over to the right can't be helping.

Mmmmm - advice please!!



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21 May 2006
If she's on really good grass 247, personally I wouldn't feed her unless the weight was coming off. Used to have a Saddlebred and he would live out virtually all year round and only feed in the winter. He'd have a token feed of a couple of handfuls of chaff for his biotin if his feet were bad but that was it. He didn't loose condition!

Re. being lopsided, you need to start long lining her - maybe get someone out who will get her lunging properly as your not doing her any favours by letting her muscle up unevenly.....

How about changing the cubes for chaff? Just an idea.