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Wanted Riding options

6 September 2017
So unfortunately my lovely mare has been put out of work for a medical issue and I have nothing to ride for the summer. I did dressage with my mare but will do pc/rc as well. I’m looking for two answers from this thread.

1) Does anyone know of anything for me to ride/ school in the Thame/ Princes Risborough area. I’m average weight and 5.3 will ride anything as long as it’s sane.
2) Does anyone have any further ideas of how to find something to ride just for the summer until my lovely mare is better?

thank you so much :)

mini barnes

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11 June 2019
If you are already in horse community try a wanted poster at feed/tack shops.

If you are in PC/RC, Ask friends or trainers etc that might know of someone needing a hand.

Lots of people are struggling balancing childcare/horses due to not sending kids to school so I’m sure people are looking.