Riding school for experienced rider in SE London


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19 May 2013
SE London
Hi all!

I used to be a very frequent rider when I still lived in Sweden before university, and had about 10 years of experience, about half from riding schools and about half from riding privately owned horses. Additionally, during my university years I often had the chance to ride when I went back home over the holidays due to friends who generously 'borrowed' me their horses.

It's now been about one year since I was last on horseback and I miss it terribly and desperately want to get back into the sport - however I have no experience of "horseing" in the UK.

I'm thinking a riding school will probably be most convenient for me to start out with, but having searched the internet a little bit, I'm having a hard time finding a riding school that seems suitable for me, and I was hoping someone here might be able to help!

I'm tall, 5"10, 23 yrs old and looking for a well managed stable which offers good quality lessons where I can develop as a rider on interesting, fun horses.
I live in the North Dulwich area, but work in Bromley, and would be willing for a bit of a commute (public transport, no car) if the place is right.

Anyone with any recommendations or tips?

Many thanks
14 June 2010
https://www.ridinglondon.com/The-Club/ I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly, but the London riding club? I'm not involved, but I passed on a recommendation to a friend who is loving it! She moved to London for work, was a BS rider, own horse pre uni, and is a good rider. The site is quite posh, apparently the people are very 'normal' , so maybe worth enquiring, they have access to some awesome horses I hear!
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