Riding Stables near Bala?


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14 October 2004
Does anyone know somewhere I could hack out from whilst on holiday. Just want decent 2 hour (or more!) walk, trot and canter hacks. I am not expert but can ride and have my own horse, but everytime we end up in Wales I seem to get a beginner's trek! On one memorable occasion I was promised a fast hack. It turned out to be all roads with one stretch of 100 yards of grassy track where we did canter. It then turned out that none of the other riders had cantered before! Now there's nothing wrong with that and I'm glad they enjoyed themselves but I wanted a little more. In the meantime they had let my totally novice son fall off and get dragged by the stirrup whilst on the lead rein (how!) and put him off horses for life and traumatised my non-horsey husband who was watching!


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20 February 2009
Closer to civilisation......
Hmmmm, bit of a horsey drought round there I'm afraid! If you want a fast beach ride there is a place near me just outside Dolgellau, it's probably 3/4hr drive south of Bala. They will certainly give you a blast down the beach but the rides are not over-long.

The only place I know of that does decent day or half day rides is near Caernarfon, again a good distance away from Bala.

PM me if you'd like to know more about either.