Rosie vs The Forklift.


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6 November 2005
When I went up to check the ponies today I found Rosie face to face with a forklift. One of the lads that work on the farm had put a new bale in, then been told a couple of hours later to move that hay rack to another field, and put a different hay ring and a new bale.

Rosie can be quite protective of the hay, and the three other ponies usually eat at the other side of the bale from her. But she was standing infront of the bale, and flatly refused to move and let the forklift in to pick it up. The bucket on the forklift was about a foot away from her and she was pinning her ears back, throwing evil looks and threatening to kick. I had to take a head collar down and gently persuade Rosie to let the forklift in. The reason they were picking up the bale was because it was grotty and they were going to change it for a better bale.

Have never seen anything so funny before. Rosie was just not moving and the fork lift was NOT eating her hay.

Tb and wee Welshie were cowering behind some trees half way down the field. Fiadh was standing looking rather confused by the whole thing.

Rosie was just standing staring at it as if to say "And who the bloody hell do you think you are..?"

I actually think she would have maybe won if I hadn't turned up...