Saddle slips forward...advice please!!


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1 June 2006
Any great ideas or solutions to stop saddles creeping forwards?

My 4 year old cob has a saddle which fits him beautifully but it just creeps forward bit by bit when he is cantering. I thought this was because his shoulders and front end arent as developed as his barrell and back end, so got him a limpet/impakt pad to stick the saddle in place, and it does work pretty well. It could also be because he has a bit of leveling up to do as he is still a bit bum high, so any suggestions as to what I could stick under the front of the saddle to raise it up a bit, as this could possibly help. Needs to be something fairly discreet as he has a few shows coming up and I want his saddle to stay in place in the ring!!!!